LADXR: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX - Randomizer

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You can use the following webpages to generate a custom randomized ROM for you.

Latest: Latest greatest version, can change at any moment and might be unstable, but most of the time works great.

V0.9: Current stable version. Long time in the work compared to V0.8, many new options, newer web interface. Recommended.

V0.8: Combining boss shuffle with heart container randomization is buggy. Various small logic bugs, less options then 0.9.

V0.7: Older version, few small logic bugs, much less options.

V0.6: Whole bunch of small bugs, softlocking due to bad key logic is possible, many newer features not available.

V0.5: Contains a few logic bugs, newer versions are recommended.

(Older versions are too unstable to be useful and are not recommended, as seed generation was not stable)


Drop by on discord for a chat, or to join in on races!

Report issues/bugs on discord, or at github issue tracker

Visit here for another Links Awakening Randomizer called Z4R, which has a different focus and gives different playstyle options. Both are cool! We use the same discord server.

New to the game? We recommend using a tracker!


Source code is available at: Source code. If you want to contribute, that can be done in many ways, including updating documentation, logic. Or even just bug reports!

Seed Generation Options