LADXR: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX - Randomizer

What is this?

This is a randomizer for the Gamebox Color game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

What does this do? It changes the locations of items in the game to give a new way to play the game.

It ensures the game is still beatable, by checking if all locations can still be reached. But no guarantee that you progress from Dungeon to Dungeon, you will have to find your own path.

The goal of this randomizer is to create a new experience, which does not show any glitches or bugs (except when you use a bug/glitch yourself). Normal gameplay should not introduce any bugs, and it can be experienced like the normal game.

Feature list:

Important notes/tips/hints/changes:


You can use the following webpages to generate a custom randomized ROM for you.

Latest: Latest greatest version, can change at any moment and might be unstable, but most of the time works great.

V0.8: Current stable version, combining boss shuffle with heart container randomization is buggy.

V0.7: Current stable version, few small logic bugs.

V0.6: Whole bunch of small bugs, softlocking due to bad key logic is possible, many newer features not available.

V0.5: Contains a few logic bugs, newer versions are recommended.

(Older versions are too unstable to be useful, as seed generation was not stable)


Drop by on discord for a chat!

Report issues/bugs on discord, or at github issue tracker

Visit here for another Links Awakening Randomizer, which has a different focus and gives different playstyle options. Both are cool! We use the same discord server.


Source code is available at: Source code. If you want to contribute, that can be done in many ways, including updating documentation, logic. Or even just bug reports!

Seed Generation Options